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Standard Pitches

They are the most affordable type of pitches at Miramare

Up to 7.5 metersShowers includedElectricityincluded 500W

These pitches, all shaded by tree-lined avenues and bordered by evergreen hedges, come in various sizes, up to a maximum length of 7.5 meters.

⛺ They are located in the part of the campsite closest to the road, so they are a bit noisy, making them perfect for those who are used to falling asleep late or have heavy sleep. For this reason, they are our most affordable type of stay.

🐶 Your petcan sleep with you here.

What you will find:


Space35 pitches Up to 7.5 meters in length - gravel and earth ground - separated from other pitches by hedges and maritime pines that provide plenty of shade


Electricity500W - 2A included in the price, or you can increase the power to 2000W - 9A for €4 per day

Included Services

Included ServicesCamper service (min. 2 nights) - 2 hot showers per person per day - chemical toilet - water refill nearby - satellite TV connection - Wi-Fi


LocationIn the part of the campsite closest to the road

Parking Spot

Parking SpotInside the pitch. If the measurements exceed those of the pitch or if you're traveling with more than one vehicle, you can reserve a parking spot in our external parking area for €10 per day

Common Bathrooms

If you’ve chosen a pitch or a maxi caravan for your vacation, the easiest thing is to use the common bathrooms located in the center of the campsite. Divided between men and women, in addition to toilets, they have 16 timed showers (because no one likes long lines and water wastage), sinks for dishwashing and laundry, and a laundry area with coin-operated washers and dryers.

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