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Sea, sea, sea… three times the sea for three ways to experience it: on a sailboat with the wind in your face, underwater listening to your breath, and on a board riding the waves. In Livorno, you can do it all.

Barca a vela


Ports, landings, sailing clubs, and wind: if you love sailing or want to learn to sail, our coast has everything you need, including the opportunity to sail to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica.

And if you love regattas, don’t miss the Naval Academy and the City of Livorno regatta at the end of April every year, where crews from 15 countries around the world compete for an entire week (and many miles).

Here are the addresses of the sailing schools and here are the moorings in the area.


Underwater, there’s a real treasure that reveals itself even to the less experienced: at a depth of 20 meters, you’ll find walls rich in red coral, caves, nudibranchs, octopuses, moray eels, and, by going a bit deeper, you’ll find gorgonian gardens and astrospartus.

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The beautiful thing is that you can do these dives from the land, without having to take a boat or a dinghy: near us, there’s Calafuria, a point that every diver knows, and, with its cove full of red mullets and other little fish, it creates a natural pool, considered a perfect training ground for those who want to learn.

Want to experience the thrill of going underwater for the first time? Ask us 🙂

Here are the addresses of the diving centers in the area.

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Surf, windsurf, kitesurf

Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

It’s said that you’re not a true surfer until you’ve tried Sale at least once, one of the most famous spots in Italy for the type of waves and meteorological conditions, similar to those on ocean coasts.

The place, named for the rock that is covered with sea salt in the summer, is a 5-minute drive from Miramare.

For those who prefer sailing or kites for gliding on the waves and doing acrobatics, you’ll enjoy various spots near Sale and the Three Bridges.


Our coast has the power to surprise everyone, including cycling enthusiasts. You might think we’re biased, but in this area, there are routes for both mountain biking and road cycling that you’ll find truly enchanting.

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The Calafuria Nature Reserve offers routes considered among the most beautiful and scenic in Italy: 115 hectares of lush and fragrant Mediterranean scrub, rich in broom, aromatic plants, holm oaks, and maritime pines. It’s a paradise for downhill enthusiasts who, once they reach the little beach at the end of the descent, take a refreshing dip in the sea. So, in the summer, always bring your swimsuit with you 😉

For dedicated cyclists, the Etruscan Coast offers a long itinerary that goes from Livorno to Piombino; 102 km of flat sections along sandy beaches, interspersed with more challenging stretches through forests and hills, passing through protected oases and ancient villages.

But the bicycle is also one of the most beautiful and easy ways to explore Livorno, a city waiting to be discovered on two wheels. Are you ready for a ride?

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There’s always a good reason to play golf. Firstly, you can play it at an advanced age (which is why it’s the most widely played sport in the world), it’s good for your body (the golf swing engages all the muscles), and it’s good for your mind (playing in large green spaces frees you from negative thoughts). And, as long as it’s not raining, any time of the year is the right time.

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Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, if you love outdoor sports, silence, and the view of the blue sea with its islands on the horizon, there’s the Livorno Golf Club, just 2 km from us, a 9-hole course, par 28.

A curiosity: although unconfirmed, it’s said that golf originated in Scotland, where it was considered an elitist sport and only for men. The name, therefore, would be an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, meaning “for men only, forbidden to women.” Fortunately, even though they are still a minority, the number of female golfers is increasing 😉

Here are the addresses of golf courses nearby

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