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The MiraGreen Project

We show you our green soul.

Every time we look at the sea, we naturally think that such beauty should not be wasted. And even though we are a small entity, we feel a great responsibility.

Starting from here, our ecological project MiraGreen was born, and for several years now, every day we choose to implement actions and behaviors that reduce our environmental impact.

Here’s what we do:

  • we only use energy from renewable and certified sources
  • promote responsible water consumption with timed showers and taps
  • use twilight devices and energy-efficient LED bulbs in common areas
  • we reduce the use of paper and choose products with recycled packaging.

We believe that by joining forces, we can do much more. Here are some ways you can contribute to living in harmony with the environment during your stay with us:

  • reduce the use of disposable dishes and cutlery.
  • when using water, keep the taps open only as much as necessary.
  • collaborate with us in waste separation.
  • dispose of wastewater in the appropriate drains.

… Can you lend a hand? 😉

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