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The Sea Cinema

For us, there is no more beautiful spectacle than the sea. So, we’ve chosen one of our favorite spots, where the islands take center stage, and set up some benches to fully enjoy the scene at any time of the day.

What color is it? In a banal way, we could say it’s blue, but if you sit and start watching, you’ll notice it has a thousand different shades that constantly change. Sometimes it merges with the sky, other times it appears emerald green, and when the sun moves westward, it sparkles as if it has many twinkling stars inside. In the evening, it reflects the shades of the sunset and can then be an explosion of pink, orange, or fiery red.

All that’s left is to sit and keep admiring it, like a movie that never gets old.

What’s more, this cinema is always open, and the ticket is free 😉

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