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Tuscany has so much to offer that we’d love to tell you all about it. Here, we’ll talk about the places around us that we love the most. If you wish, we’ll help you discover the rest once you’re here.

Where do we start? Naturally, from Livorno.



Among Tuscan cities, ours is one of the least touristy, making it a place to be explored. As proud residents of this open and genuine city, we want to introduce you to what we love the most and what you absolutely should visit, starting with the seafront and Terrazza Mascagni. With its black and white checkered floor, it resembles a giant chessboard by the sea.

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Beyond the Medicean port and the Old Fortress, one of our favorite views (photo opportunity) leads you to Venice, the most characteristic neighborhood. Just like the Serenissima, it winds through small bridges and canals (here, we call them “fossi”) and is filled with charming restaurants and venues open at all hours. And then there’s La Ponceria, where we recommend trying the “Ponce,” the symbolic drink of Livorno.

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Continue to the Mercato delle Vettovaglie, the second largest in Europe, built in 1894 following the model of the old Parisian Halles. Across from it is Gagarin, where it’s worth trying the “5 e 5”, a Livorno-style sandwich filled with chickpea cake.

To finish with something sweet and typical, stop by Antica Friggitoria, which prepares the “frate,” a warm donut with a hole in the middle dipped in sugar.

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From here, wander through the streets and neighborhoods of the city center. To experience a more authentic Livorno, explore it from the water, as you’ll discover areas that would otherwise remain hidden. During a boat tour along the canals, you’ll see churches, elegant buildings, the two fortresses, and the most picturesque districts from an unusual and surprising perspective.

However you choose to discover it, your stay in Livorno cannot end without trying “cacciucco”, pronounced with five ‘c’s, a dish that epitomizes the city’s ancient maritime tradition.

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Borghi, città d'arte, isole e centri termali

Villages, Art Cities, Islands, and Thermal Centers

Yes, you read that correctly. Coming here means being surrounded by tremendous beauty. Not to brag, but Livorno is right in the heart of Tuscany: 30 minutes from Pisa, 40 minutes from Lucca, and 1 hour from Florence.

So, we are an excellent starting point to visit a destination that speaks for itself.

Whether you love art and history, want the sea and nothing but the sea, or seek the utmost relaxation, here are the right addresses for your vacation.

Villages and Art Cities


With the Field of Miracles and the Leaning Tower that leans but never falls – 30 min


The city of a hundred churches and perfectly preserved ancient walls – 40 min


The noble city, a symbol of Renaissance art and architecture – 1 h


The land of the Palio, narrow alleys, and magnificent medieval squares – 2 h

Borghi e città d'arte


With its tall, straight cypresses and the world’s most famous wines – 40 min

Castagneto Carducci

At the heart of the Etruscan Coast, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves – 45 min


A charming medieval village nestled in green hills and a short distance from the sea – 50 min

Campiglia Marittima

A labyrinth of alleys, squares, and small medieval squares with spectacular sea views – 45 min

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An important Etruscan city with the graves of warrior princes overlooking the Gulf of Baratti – 1 h

San Gimignano

The village of 14 towers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – 1.20 h


An Etruscan city famous for alabaster, the Roman theater, and medieval festivals – 1 h

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The island of emerald waters and beaches with a unique rainbow of colors in the world


With its steep cliffs over the sea, it’s the wildest island in the Tuscan archipelago


A prison island with pristine nature, the smallest and most wooded of the Tuscan archipelago


Also known as the “flat island”, it’s a perfectly preserved paradise with few beaches, rocky coasts, and crystal-clear water

Centri termali

Thermal Centers

San Giuliano Terme

Known as Bagni di Pisa, a spa town since Roman times – 35 min


Famous since ancient Roman times, its waters are rich in sulfur, calcium, and magnesium – 50 min


One of Italy’s most famous spa resorts and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – 55 min

Casciana Terme

Ancient thermal baths established a thousand years ago by Matilde di Canossa, who believed in the miraculous springs – 45 minutes